lsFusion is a free open-source platform for information systems development based on the fifth-generation programming language of the same name


Develop rapidly

Developing and implementing new features takes hours instead of weeks. Faster than ever. Ready-to-use middle-tier ERP system with only 25K lines of code. Fully-featured IDE based on Intellij IDEA. Perfect for Agile development.

Develop simply

No need to know dozens of paradigms and languages or constantly choose between procedures and queries, client and server, forms and reports, OLTP and OLAP. One paradigm. One language. Develop everything instantly and install with a single click. The entry barrier is lower than ever before.

Any complexity

From CRUD to ERP. Near-ultimate modularity. Develop in parallel. Reuse code. Deliver only what is actually needed.

Any amount of data

Billions of records. Terabytes of data. NoORM, YesSQL. Lots of optimizers at each level will get the most out of your existing infrastructure and ensure minimum response times even with large amount of data.

Any number of users

Ultimate concurrency. High fault tolerance and scalability. Thousands of simultaneous users in a single database.

Any infrastructure

Any OS. Any relational DBMS. Web or desktop. Any communication channels. Hundreds of simultaneous users even at 1MB/s. Cloud-ready.

Trust the system

ACID right out of the box. No manual locks or transaction management. All constraints and events are global. High declarativeness. Data is as valid as possible regardless of race conditions, hardware failures, or developer error.

Manage the system

Interpreter. Process monitor. Profiler. Scheduler. Chat. Lots of logs. Always know what's going on and fix any problems that arise on the fly.

Communicate with the system

Open data-storage structure. Transparent integration interfaces. Open-source software. Built on the world's most popular technologies.

Own the system

LGPL v3 license. Free use and distribution. No keys or DRM. Permission to modify the platform. Protection against patents. Free.

Extend the system

Utilize all built-in UIs with ultimate efficiency even if you don't have any coding skills. Feel free to group, filter, organize, download, log, configure, copy and paste, apply, or cancel anything you need - anywhere, anytime. It's like Excel, but better.

Scale the system

Internationalize any line with a single action. Flexible security policy at all levels. Install the client with a single click for all logics at once. Built-in encryption of transmitted data. Corporate-ready.